camp chic.

- Fashion

ready to go camping this summer?

WHOEVER GUESS (correctly) which collection this was inspired by, gets an OREO cookies (and a kiss from me?)

ps. all the elements in these looks are from my old rotting closet, filthy with cheap clothing and mom’s old stuff in it, some children sized clothing/altered sister’s old stuff. AHahhaa… i’ll post more photos soon.


  • Sam

    Dsquared !!!!!!!!! Love it !
    Totally recognize you from zara in van :p

  • DSQUARED!!!!!!!!

  • yep definitely Dsquared, love it

  • this is absolutely wonderful!!

  • Love it M’c !

  • admin

    aaha. so good. absolutely right.

  • koko

    nice looks =P how tall are you?

  • admin

    thanks. I am 5’2

  • just came across your look => blog on lookbook, so cool! love your take on camping chic and your style in general 😀

  • Ralph

    YOur frekin amazing! i from vancity too!!! do you know where to get any really awsome/ cheep Harems??? so hard to find (except at zara… lol)

  • This is awesome. You really know your stuff.

  • tres Dsquared!
    Love it.

  • jonah

    Dsquared² Spring/Summer 2010…

  • jonah

    The collection included distressed jeans, weatherproof rain ponchos, camo blazers and plaid patterns plastered on shorts, shirts and car coats, the way only Dsquared could do it.

  • admin

    like i said, working with what is available in my closet =D

    I wouldn’t go as far as having all the elements… or else it’ll be straight copying it instead of just being inspired by the collection.

  • fashinnistafan

    omg I really love it

  • Keenan C.

    Who are the boots by??

  • Lol I love this. This is A-wesome with a capital A!

  • I love it. It’s like your own runway show.