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Dear lovely readers, to avoid confusion, this article was written by a good friend Krista Villahermosa.

M’c Kenneth Licon is your average 21 year old Vancouverite who has a superb sense of fashion and individuality. I’ve known M’c Kenneth for three years now from working at Zara. I have seen such length of individual growth from him since the first time I met him. Mc’Kenneth has always been jovial and people may think his daily outfits are outrageous, but what he has that not a lot of people have is individuality. I remember having a conversation with him last winter about having some sort of social hierarchy at Zara and that he can never really fit in. I never really got his idea (and still doesn’t) but hearing this insecurity from him tugged something at me, and I told him “you shouldn’t care what other people will think of you. People will always have something to say… just coolly nod your head and smile.”

I haven’t really seen Mc’Kenneth a lot recently due to our hectic, busy lives. However, his popularity as littlefashionisto in the blogging world has changed something in him. He has become more confident and sure of himself. His style has inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of fans all over the world. I can’t be any prouder of him because despite the popularity, he stayed the same ol’ Mc’Kenneth.

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  1. Well written, and I agree wholeheartedly about you having individuality! I would like to add that you have the courage to be different too!

  2. @long, thanks Long. U’ve been very supportive. I have nothing but gratitude.

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