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While waiting for the bus the other day, this old man in his late 60s was standing right in front of me. I couldn’t help but notice how his pants we’re being held by that suspender… I couldn’t take a pic of how it was from the front view but he tied the other 2 ends of the suspender to his pants’ belt loop.

The pattern on the shirt was magnificent… so as the color, very classic americana — dull blue and red, I thought the khaki pants and the shirt worked well together, disregard the fitting tho, interesting accessorizing;

I normally do not agree on belt worn with suspender, in this case — he has the right reason to do that… I would secure my pants too if they fit as baggy as what he had on. on the light note, I gotta give this old fella props.

P.S. Mr. Fredrickson — from the 3D Movie “UP” reminded me of him, which speaking of, I just saw last night with Kamile and Roxanne — too bad April couldn’t make it but we shall do it again some other time when she gets back.

Supposed to be doing a kiss for April, but meehh, except I wasn’t doing it

Thanks Ladies, we’ve had great convos and discussions… and as always, lots of fun.

AND I just got my FALL/WINTER 2010 issue of WFM magazine. I was going to pick up GAPRESS MEN but they don’t cover as much designer’s show this season.

with over 71 collections from Up-and-coming-designers to established Fashion houses, I NEED A FULL DAY to browse through this… can’t wait.