Double Breasted

- LookBook


I used to always think double-breasted blazers would never work for me. I just simply assume they are meant to be for older gentleman. I also do not like the possibility of my shoulder to appear wider. Short legs + wide shoulder = doesn’t really work. So I avoided it at all cost.

However, while shopping for a new suit the other day, I found these blazer on sale. It’s not the red sticker that pulled me into it (although it’s a big bonus), it was more like the fabric and how luxurious it looked. It has the right amount of sheen to it, the lapels are amazing and it also comes with a front-pleated trousers. “Styled in Italy” it even says in the lining.

I knew I had to try them on. The sleeves are a bit too short, but I love it cropped right above my wrist bone. The shoulder fits perfectly, the torso need a bit slimming but I do love wearing it open so alteration is unnecessary for now. I find this look very Italian, you know, that simple classic elements, neat and easy yet very impact-full.

If you’re from Vancouver, you’d know where I took this photo from. It’s perhaps one of the most tourist-visited spots in Vancouver. I love it because I can play pretend and act like I’m a tourist as well taking souvenir photos — only it takes 10x longer.

I guess, if I can leave you a piece of advice from this post, never assume anything and always try things on (at least once) because you’ll never really know unless it’s on you. Yes, you might be able to predict how bad it will look, or how awkward it will fit, BUT maybe you like that awkwardness, or you like that odd look on you.