DIY, pinned bowtie.

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So this is the look I was wearing today. DIY pinned bowtie, plain gray button up shirt, blazer, trouser, and this lovely scarf.

Me and my friend Anna stroll around North Vancouver, hopped on a sea bus and walked around downtown Vancouver. We ‘did’ homework in the library took more photos.

PS. we were paparazzi undercover.

I shall be posting more photos from today soon

8 thoughts on “DIY, pinned bowtie.

  1. Omg i love this outfitt and i ‘ve been trying to get some boots where did you get yours.

  2. I got it from Zara, its for girls though, I can’t fit into mens =D

  3. So, I’ve just now discovered your site and I’m so inspired and impressed! I’m on the east coast I go to college in downtown Toronto. I’m studying to be an image consultant. I think your styling and attention to detail is awesome. Congrats on such a great website

  4. i am falling in deep love with your boots! i know they are from zara, but do you know the model/ name for it?

    i wonder where can i buy it.. or if they still have it!

  5. @J, I’m sorry but this is from last 2 seasons ago, and they don’t have it anymore. However, Zara always repeat items.. I’m sure they will have similar ones this coming season.. just keep checking back =D

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