Biker Grunge

I’ve styled this faux-leather biker jacket in all possible ways I can imagine and just the other day, I thought it would be fun to not only wrap around this plaid shirt around my waist, but to wear it almost as a skirt.


Black, White and Wild Leopard

Wild Leopard Coat and Standout Creeper from Forever21, Custom fitted shirt, Overlay woven t-shirt from Soulland, Clear blue sunglasses from Oscar Magnuson


Layers and Textures

One of my favourite things about dressing up in fall/winter seasons is layering.


Can I take your picture?

While New York Fashion Week is full on blast, it’s been rather calm and serene in Vancouver. The rain has come back (after days of freezing sunshine). I don’t think I’ve been happier to see the rain pour again.


Beach Waves in Paris

Hello guys!!! I know it’s been a long while since my previous post, and as per usual — life is busier than ever! But hey, it’s all good! I’ve been working on a lot of new interesting projects and I can’t wait for you all guys to hear about it.


Winter Sunset

The super awesome team at H&M Canada sent me a little gift including this lovely tote bag from their recent collaboration with Isabel Marant. Everything else i’m wearing you’re probably familiar with already (If you’ve been following my blog).


Life on the Go

I purchased my first ever NIKE trainers last summer and I can not stop wearing them!


Friends Forever

Repurposed and screenprinted vintage HANES sweater.


Navy and Tweed

I have been on the easy dressing and minimal styling lately, but every now and then I like to accessorize myself — maybe a little too much.


Knit Sweater and Biker Jacket

Transitioning to fall is always very tricky for me and when you’re in Vancouver, weather can be very unpredictable. Fall is my favourite season and this sweater from American Apparel is definitely a perfect piece transition piece.


Snaptee x LittleFashionisto

I was invited to do a collaboration project with snaptee, a super cool mobile application that lets you create your own personalized t-shirt.


NYFW SS2014 – Day 1

Sadly, I couldn’t make it to New York Fashion Week this season, but that doesn’t stop me from being in the NYFW spirit



Someone pointed out the socks are very reminiscent of ‘Spiderman’ which made me laugh a little bit


Summer in Black and White

The classic Black and White worn in the summer.


Leather, Stripe and Camou

It seems like that’s been the rotation of my summer essential. I find that my summer looks this year has been very easy and simple. I like easy to throw on garments while staying true to my style. This look is casual, and very easy to pull off.


When the wind blows


ClearlyContacts – Vancouver Launch

ClearlyContacts launched its first ever offline store on Robson St. Vancouver. Find out what I wore after the jump!


A little bit of 90s

I literally put on what I could gather from my closet as fast as I can. The result is a little different from what I would normally wear. Regardless, I went with it and just rocked it — like the coolest 90s baby than I am.


M’cky in New York

This is a fun little number I wore on my first few days in New York.


Afternoon Stroll

I have been itching to wear this glittered socks from TOPSHOP but I haven’t found the perfect time to sport them out.


Turtleneck story

I don’t usually go with turtlenecks because of a childhood trauma I had wearing them. My mom used to dress me in wool turtlenecks that would make my neck itch — not the cutest look.


El Toro

St. John Blazer, Shirt by MadeTailorCustom, and Cuff-bracelet from Merrin & Gussy


Knit and Leather


Knit and Shorts

Vintage St. John Blazer from USED, High Waist Shorts (Bleached Denim) and Knit Tank (Bone) by COTTE D’ARMES


Layers and Armparrty

As you may already know from my previous entry, I wore this look for the ManRepeller event at Secret Location last week. The jeans are from my sister, shirt from TopMan, coat from Zara, clutch by Fe, Necklace by Johanna N, and bracelet from Pilgrim via BloggersWardrobe.


Sunshine After the Rain

The weather has been quite a challenge for me lately as it’s been raining more often than not. But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. It rains a lot where I live and everyone knows that. I have been into a lot of colors again lately. I’m starting to notice I’ve had a pretty dark […]


Cat eye and Pumpkin Head

Cat eye sunglasses have been hitting runways and fashion streets for a long while now and I thought I’d finally give it a try. I never intended it to be, but it seems like I always adapt a certain trend when everyone is tired of it already, just right before it dies — and I […]



I guess a new outfit post is long time overdue, so here it is — me again.


Floral and Gold Chain


The way you make me feel

Sunglasses from OscarMagnuson, necklace from JohannaN and leather iPhone case from Nic&Mel via BloggersWardrobe


Summer Lovin

Blazer, Shorts and Belt from Zara / Shirts from H&M / Shoes from ASOS / Sunglasses from Oscar Magnuson via BloggersWardrobe


Leather Pocket and Platform

Hat from Forever21 / T-shirt from H&M / Jeans from Zara kids / Necklace by JohannaN, shoes from LOFT82.


Palm Tress and Fake Summer

I’m starting to fear that summer this year will be so late again, or even worst, it might not come at all. But that will not stop me from dressing up like I’m about to hit a beach party, or hop on a cruise for that summer escape of my life.


I brought you flowers

Sweater and Shirt – thrifted from Community Thrift Store / Shorts – DIY from mom’s capri / Necklace from JohannaN


Still waiting for summer


Neon Blocked


Bolt and Chain


Blue Collar

I can’t help but think of this look as something I’d wear if I were tasked to fix a broken elevator, or to change auto body parts — very blue collar chic (and still very gay).


Welcome to East Van


Neon soles for the summer Soul

Summer is finally approaching. I can foresee I’ll be a bit more inspired to play dress up.


Concrete Jungle

When wearing animal print (specially leopard print), there’s a very thin line between tacky and classy — I’d like to think this is a good example of how you can pull it off without looking like you came from cougar-town.


Dear Sean O’pry


Tribal and Minty

    Well hello there refreshing mint. I got these sweater from my mom’s closet 3 years ago (as you may have seen from this look) glad to have mint hit a major trend, it saves me from another shopping trip. Meanwhile, I am currently *INLOVE* with this OSCAR MAGNUSON spectacles. I just think they […]


Waiting for Summer

Summer is almost here. I can’t wait — it seems like forever. I’m getting very impatient and tired of layering. I’m also tired of catching a cold because I’m never dressed warm enough.


Day off


Destination Unknown


electric Blue

I do love the high-contrasting on this outfit. This look features sunglasses from BonLook, belt from tie-ups and Jeans from LuckyBrand.


Hello Sean O

This look is a bit casual than what I usually would go for. Still keeping my own twist by buttoning the shirt all the way (I just like my shirt button all the way up all the time). It’s no secret I have a huge crush on Sean O — so why not do a […]


Just walk

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