Featured: The Voice

I was recently interviewed by Judy Chern, reporter for The Daily Voice. The article was published on Thursday last week, November 29th. Judy had many interesting for me and I absolutely enjoyed chatting with her. She mentioned her editor wanted to know my fashion advice for men this season and I was more than happy […]


Featured: Tag It!

This is a little late but I have been featured on the February Issue of TAG IT Magazine (Korea). You may also find the online version of this article on their website.


Forever21 Feature

My look RED AND VELVET has been featured on Forever21 ‘s blog on how to wear velvet. I can’t really say I’m big on velvets as I don’t own a lot of it and I don’t often wear it either. It’s one of those types of fabric/clothing that you don’t wear on a daily basis […]


Featured: HisStyleDiary

I have recently been interviewed by HisStyleDiary for their StyleSpotting column. Click to read the full interview.


StyleSpy: Industry Insider Feature

The lovely ladies over at did a little Industry Insider feature on me (and on Go go check it out! Thanks to Erica Lam & Nicole Soon for the kind words. xo.

Frontpage on Chictopia

It’s not that I’m too full of myself but this happened for the very first time, so I thought I’d blog about it.


Springfield Jeans Feature

I got a little feature over at SPRINGFIELD jeans. Very honored to be representing Canada as a trendy Denim wearer.


I’m on /

OMG! OMG! OMG! I am on the Italian chapter of and


VancouverView Magazine

The current issue of VancouverView Magazine is out, featuring Vancouver’s local Personal Style Bloggers, including myself.


Featured: NeverLazy

Good Morning Everyone. Happy Friday! Just before the weekend starts, here’s another online feature I got recently. I did a mini-interview with the Neverlazy Magazine. I hope I’m making you proud. Thanks for all the support and enjoy the interview.


StyleStar (The Block Magazine Feature)

I was recently featured on The Block Magazine online. “In the realm of countless style bloggers, M’c kenneth Licon stands out with his finely curated personal fashion diary Little Fashionisto. We love how this pint-sized blogger hurdles though the challenges of living in a city “where XXS is still too big and a size 5 […]


featured on Denim Theraphy

We love when people get brave with their color schemes. It’s easy enough to mix a pop-color into a neutral outfit, but when you’ve got the guts to dress in head-to-toe primary colors, and have the style-sense to pull it off without a hitch, we’ve got to hand it to you! M’C Kenneth L from […]


featured on BonLook

This look got featured on Pretty simple elements. Classic pieces in a look, dark denim jeans, micro gingham short-sleeved shirt, vintage leather portfolio folder, DIY button-brooch and Giorgio Armani leather slip on.


Lookbook interview

The month of May has been one of the highlights of this year so far. I am very honored to have been featured on Lookbook’s monthly Beyond the Hype interview for the month of May. I remember when they first introduced the concept of interviewing the ‘most hyped and popular’ members on the website, I […]


Spray (French) Magazine; featured

Hey guys, I am featured on the latest issue of SPRAY MAGAZINE, ISSUE #2.14 They sent me a pdf file of the page but I was hoping to get the actual magazine and I don’t know where to get them in Vancouver. Calling all my followers/reader/friends from France, I was hoping there would be anyone […]


Zara People; featured

I’m made it to ZARA PEOPLE! online collaboration.


Burberry – Art of Treches feature.

Two of my photo wearing trench coat has been featured on Burberry’s The Art of Trenches project.


Lookbook: Selected Guys of January 2011

Yours truly made it to Lookbook’s Selected Guys once again. Thank you so much for all your support and HYPES. Remember when I did Leopard tie and people went a little crazy over it. Although I was made fun of for buying it, I knew I can make it work. Being a smart buyer, I […]


Featured in NYmag

One of my recent looks “Biker Prep” made it to theCut blog of NewYork Magazine online, which is to me.. one of the greatest achievement of my blog so far. Thank you thank you so much to all my readers, for spreading the word and for your continued support.

Featured on Wannabe Magazine

I just found out I was featured on a Serbian Online Magazine called WANNABE and they were basically talking about how I made the ‘band’ jacket wearable. Here’s the translation below courtesy of google translate: Since I like to explore the Internet and in all possible domestic and foreign fashion blogs, I found somewhat interesting. […]


I’m on Nylon Korea

Here’s my recent feature on NYLON Korea. Please check it out, and if you happen to be living in Korea, don’t forget to grab a copy — and an extra copy for me too. Pretty Please? Thanks to Serian Heu and the rest of Nylon Korea Staff

GQ Italia (online)

I wasn’t aware my blog were featured on GQ Italia until today. The QG editor, Michael Wolf, posted the winners of cravats male blog award.


Illustrated by Mickey

Look what I found, cute little Illustrations of some of the looks I put together. Aren’t they absolutely adorable? I recognize 3 of my looks but I can’t seem to figure out the other 2. Thanks to Teddy Mickey, check out his Tumblr blog for more of his awesome works.


Featured: Tiedemanntribe

I have been featured on as fashion inspiration of the week. This blog is particularly for female audiences and I am very honored to be the very first male featured as an inspiration. Thank you.


ImpactMagazine: interview

With a very keen eye for detail, M’c Kenneth translates his eclectic taste through fashion.


TallDarkRoast: Interview

Here’s another interview I did last month for, a local based online magazine that focuses on art, fashion and design. It was a great pleasure to have been their very first featured blogger on their Blogger’s Spotlight column. If you love arts, fashion and design like me, you need to check them out. They […]


Another GAP1969 Appearance

OMG OMG OMG!!! My entry for GAP BLACK DENIM + LOOKBOOK collab contest (Back in Black) is selected to be on the top entry. I am very excited. Check it out on GAP1969 Stream.


I’m on H&M (again)

My latest look “Old School Film Photographer” made it to H&M Social Media Room


I’m on H&M

one of my looks are recently featured on H&M’s social media room.


Selected Guy Look, Oct.

One of my Looks made it into Lookbook’s facebook-page best guy looks for October.


Correio Braziliense

I was contacted by Maria Julia of a Brazilian newspaper for a fashion interview roughly, about a month ago. My interview was recently published, and a separate article about men’s fashion awareness, featuring me, was also published.


El Armario de Pandora

Two of my looks have been featured on a well known Spanish blog called El Armario de Pandora. Please feel free to check them out.


FashioHungry: User spotlight

LittleFashionisto is on as their User Spotlight of the week.



I have been recently featured on blogger’s spotlight of



Oh hello my lovely readers. Yours truly is featured on



LittleFashionisto featured on Gap1969



Robert of Basicamente recently featured me on his blog. You know those days when you wake up without some creativity, you open the wardrobe and nothing, absolutely nothing like it, then you visit a blog, and is inspired to run mount that outfit through ctrl + c ctrl + v? That’s exactly what happened to […]


TheStyleSpy: Guy of the Week

You’ve spoken, I listened. I posted this video on my youtube channel and asked my reader/followers/viewers which photo they would want me to submit for this interview. The result was very close between Look#2 and #3 but in the end.. I can only send one photo — Here’s my interview with

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LookBook stats & Thank you note.

As many of you know, I’ve been a LookBooker for a little over 2years now and with all the looks I came up with, I just recently getting a little more feedback and (let’s say) ‘fruit’ from my body of work. Although every once in a while, my entry are featured here and there, and […]


Criativa Magazine

My interview with Criativa is now out in the web. However, only bits and parts of the interview were published and since Criativa is a Brazilian magazine, the interview was translated in Portuguese. Here’s the actual script that I sent back to them (together with their questions) First of all, what is your full name […]


BrighterMan – Chat Interview

I was interviewed by Paul of, a growing company specializing in Men’s clothing and accessories. Here’s the transcript. I managed to grab a chat with M’C Kenneth Licon AKA Little Fashionisto yesterday. With a constantly growing fan base on Lookbook, I spoke to him about standing out with colour, his favourite accessories and a […]

another reason why.

this is exactly why I love fashion. It’s that impact and inspiration you can give and share without saying a word. It’s the ability to move people and make them feel a certain way with your choice of clothing (not the “her-being-sad-part”) Check her out @


unofficial hair-modeling photo

I was recently asked to be a hair-model for Jason Manzano and I agreed to it. This photos were taken using a camera-phone while waiting for our turn to shoot. Hair: Jason Manzano Styling: M’c kenneth


Chictopia’s Editor’s pick

I posted this entry on Chictopia and luckily, it was picked to be on their homepage. The criteria is for the look to have a great blog article as well and not only a great outfit. I’m very honored and happy to have been selected.


So close — on Lookbook blog

click the thumbnail below to click this link reading the comments is always very interesting. Everyone have different views and even they both like the look, they have their own interpretion of how they understand it and how they see it. Here are some of the comments made “I havent seen anything nice…lookbook in a […]

Fringed Harmonies #4

LittleFashionisto @ Fringed Harmonies #4

Hardly a Hero on LookBook's Tmblr Blog

Lookbook’s Tumblr; Hardly a Hero

Another one of my look made it into LookBook’s Tumblr Page. I always get this excitement when LookBook picks one of my look to be posted on their tumblr blog. I mean being in the Hot Page of LookBook is already a great thing out of hundreds and thousands of entries every minute, but to […]

Frindge Harmonies 25

LittleFashionisto @ Fringed Harmonies 25

Fringed Harmonies is a weekly column showcasing the best outfits from Yet what sets this column apart from other ‘best of’ ones, is that whilst it takes interesting fashion ideas from well styled individuals, it also includes a song for each separate outfit which I think fits the personality and look of each person […]


Fashionably Discovered

I was spotted today by a fellow Fashion Blogger Hailey. Being a person behind that lens (for Fashion604) and chasing people on the street to convince them for a photo is so different from being the ONE admired. It was a great pleasure to be noticed and recognized. I was just about to cross Robson […]