British Guy.

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since I’ve been coming home super late lately, I am forced to do shoots at night, and I found a place to do mini shoots on the rooftop patio of my building (as you may have noticed from my previous looks). The sky and the city as a backdrop isn’t that bad, in fact I think it’s gorgeous.

The other day, I was on the elevator to go up, right after pressing the ‘PH’ button, i thought I forgot my keys — so I had to go back down to my floor which is on the 5th floor. The elevator opened up on the 6th floor and there’s this cute guy, sharp cheek bone, and very angular jaw, in plain white t-shirt and skinny jeans — no shoes but only some black socks on.

We had a little chat — mainly more than just a ‘Hi and Have a great day’ talk. He thought he messed up my elevator trips so he apologized. I was looking at him and I thought I saw him in my school so I asked if he goes to my school. Apparently he is from the UK and he doesn’t go to school here. I then complimented his socks and he just laughed and said he’s too lazy to put some shoes on (mainly because he is just picking up someone from the lobby)

Just a random story; a little cheesy, bu meh… I’m a sappy kid anyways.