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I have the biggest problem when it comes to packing for a trip, and no matter how I try, I can’t seem to get better at it. There seem to be no way to make packing fun. You’re constantly bombarded with fashion dilemmas; To bring or not to bring. Am I gonna be needing this for an outfit or not? Will I be wearing this at all?

Like always, I ended up over-packing, wearing not even half of what I had brought. I always find my self gravitated towards a particular piece, and I wear it over and over, styling it many differently ways. New York however, is too cold for my wardrobe I find — not to mention the blizzard Nemo hitting NYC on my third day there.

It’s funny how I originally have a line-up of outfits in mind prior to flying there, and one involved wearing a short leather shorts. Thinking about it now again, I would have just froze to death.

I also noticed how New Yorkers love their blacks. Very dark, yet very chic and effortless at the same time. You all know how I love my loud colors, patterns and prints, but the city inspired me to appreciate the beauty of a monochromatic outfit. Therefore you’ll see a bit of that in this outfit — just a quick self-photoshoot I did in the middle of infamous Time-Square.



Tie Pin from Merrin&Gussy


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  1. I love the pin. You look really good, I love how you mixed stripes with that pattern of your shirt.

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