BEAT IT, MJ tribute.

- Style

I was watching TV, and literally, every channel I flip through shows an interview, documentary, tribute, etc. about Michael Jackson.

I don’t sing good, nor dance, the only tribute I can give is this fashion tribute; working with things I own, I challenged myself to recreate a MJ-signiture look with a lil bit of edge… technically… all u need is the iconic white socks with black shoes, fedora and the aviator… + the sequenced silver gloves.

I was very saddened and shocked about what happen, but all I can say now is Rest in Paradise MJ.

even to call you “King of Pop” is under rated… Thank you for bringing us the Michael Jackson we know and love, and thanks for sharing the music to the whole world.

like what they say… “the artist go, but their works survive” and you’ll forever be remembered thru your works.