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Last night I attended my friend’s (Melissa) Bachelorette Party, yes! a bachelorette (like you can really see me in a Bachelor Party. haha!) I have never been to one before and I’m not entirely sure what to wear and what to expect. When she invited me, as flattered as I was, I was also a little hesitant because first, I’m afraid I’ll be the only gay/guy there and second, I imagined there will be a bunch of girls, waving dildo up in the air and I’m a little concern things will get awkward.

Contrary to what I had envision, the party was actually mellow. We went to The Refinery down in 1115 Granville, I had a bottle of beer, champagne and a Marscapone cheesecake for dinner/desert. I made new friends and it was a lovely get together.

We left Refinery and went to the bar just right below to continue drinking. I was a little tipsy and did not know what kind of place we are at. Judging by the people in that bar though, it was clearly a (straight) sports bar. My boyfriend sent me a text message asking about my night. It’s funny how I was so concern about my leopard ensemble when everyone in the bar seemed to not really care. Sure I got weird looks here and there but I get that anywhere anyways. Bottom line is, I had a lot of fun and the night was spontaneous and full of surprises.

My newly met friend, Terry, offered us a ride — however, we later found out his car was towed. We took a cab to pick up his car and we all got home safe. It was such an adventure.

To Melissa, congratulation to you and Jeff. I’m very happy for you two and I wish you all the best in the future.

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  1. I had the best time, thanks for coming and you looked amazing! See you when I get back from DR babes xx

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