ANTM & Project Runway Canada finale.

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I was pretty sad about the last episode because London was eliminated. I was originally routing for Celia, Fo, London and Allison… I thought Aminat should’ve gone home. London has consistently brought GOOD, if not, alright photos… and she’s been awesome, admittedly, that last photo shoot was very dreadful. I could totally understand because she was a little insecure about the fact that she gained weight. I just wished she could’ve pull that aside.

she seemed like she really did gain few lbs. but like they say, as a model, it is her job to keep her weight.


project runway canada season 2 finale was last night, I’m happy Sunny won, EVERYONE knew he was going to win, it was the EASIEST decision the judges had to make. I LOVE HOW he has been so nice to everyone in the competition, and how he stayed SO HUMBLE throughout the whole time. He’s been the front runner since the beginning and he made this season very predictable. He won ALMOST every single challenge so there’s 0 surprise there.

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