Amsterdam with Marjorie *cry*

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WTHELLLL? WAAAHHHHHHHHH, so Marjorie got kicked out of ANTM last episode. I wasn’t very clear on that, although I love Sam, I would rather have Marjorie to part of the finale.

It would’ve been such a great show if Analeigh and Marj we’re to be the top 2 contender, but oh well, I can’t deny Mckey’s strength in the competition.

URRrrGgggggggggg. i was VERY saddened. I rooted for Marj from the beginning, and I watched her grow and develop… I love her personality, her very edgy look… her nerves which I think made her stand out more…

I hope to see more Marj in the future, I still beliv she can be a great model. ahaha.. and how about a remake photo of her last shoot?