Alex Folzi (3 of 3)

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So this is the final installment of my collaboration with AlexFolzi. It’s exactly a week since we did the shoot and I still feel like it’s only been yesterday. Thank you to Nan Li and Patrick Wong for being an amazing photographer for this shoot. It was a great pleasure working with both of them.

The shoot was suppose to only last 3hours, and I plan to go school after. I ended up staying and not coming to school at all that day — I know it was bad, and I don’t recommend missing classes for shoots — BUT I had 3 looks to shoot and I didn’t expect the light setup, the settings and flash setting to take very long. Now I know what REAL shoots are like. I usually do my LookBook self-photoshoot within 15mins, then ran back to work/school.

It was very exciting and I was totally feeling it. Watching ANTM and backstage videos of shoots — I’ve always fancy when a photographer puts a meter in front of the model, and I’ve always wished to be standing there, having someone measure the light that hits me (I know it sounds DIVA-esque) but I love it. It was very surreal. Here I am, this tiny little fashion elf, on a set with two talented photographers. I didn’t know what more to ask.

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  1. @charles, thank you Sid. You yourself is very inspiring.

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