Accessories for Men; bracelet

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Accessories are often forgotten in Menswear when in fact, it’s one of the best thing menswear has to offer. Besides from tie and tie clips, there are many other option men can separate themselves from their next door office mate.

When you think men’s fashion, jewelry may not be the first thing that pops into your mind — but that is changing. Jewelry for men is now becoming a big part of a modern day gentleman. It used to be quite common to see royalty – and other exceptionally wealthy men – heavily adorned in diamond bracelets, chunky gold necklaces, pearls, and precious stone jewelry. As time went on, men’s fashion – especially as it relates to jewelry – shifted to a less is more mind-set.

Today, it may surprise you to learn that even in these tough economic times, more and more men are investing in jewelry – and they are buying it for themselves. These men are seeking powerful statement pieces that represent confidence and success. They are also choosing pieces that will stand the test of time and can endure everyday wear and tear — silent luxury as I would say it.

While women occasionally invest accessories and jewelry, men’s goal is to make an investment in his personal style. He wants to purchase a statement piece that reflect his personality (and perhaps his status in life).

While rings and fine timepieces are still the two most popular jewelry items for men – bracelets are quickly catching up. Chunky gold and/or platinum bracelets are a popular choice for today’s men. Currently, there are many strong and sturdy designs on the market, which means that men have a fantastic variety of styles to choose from. Some of the most popular designs for men’s bracelets include; braided links, buckle and spiral links, and watch strap links. All of these styles are classic and durable.

Some men are looking for more flash than plain gold or platinum have to offer; which is why these individuals will select a diamond bracelet instead. Now, if you are picturing slender little tennis bracelets, you are way off the mark!

Men’s diamond bracelets are chunky, powerful, and masculine. They show a strong sense of style and exude confidence (so save those rosary necklaces and Buddha beads for highschool beach party)-. The diamonds are usually bezel, channel, or gypsy set so they can withstand everyday wear. Some of the most popular diamond bracelets for men include a few smaller stones that catch the light and interest to the piece.

So if you are a true gentleman, go ahead and play with accessories. There’s always that one right piece to match ones personality so don’t be afraid to stand out.