Let the wind blow

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I wore this look on the first day of Berlin Fashion Week. I’ve been a little obsessed with these oversize/long coat lately. It’s funny considering how tiny I am and I how they literally eat up my body — but I like how the fabric bounces when I walk and how it flips when I turn (I know, a little diva moment there)

I shot this in between heavy and light rain — so it was windy and all.. but you know we love the wind in our photos — I know I do.

One thought on “Let the wind blow

  1. I agree, topcoats are pretty cool. I’ve been wanting one myself too, but I just haven’t found the right one, the one that doesn’t make me look short and stubby. I guess I’ll just wait out for next season. . . ¬†Anyways cool outfit. Where is the belt from?


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