3rd Floor

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I was leaving work today and since the studio is on the 6th floor, I have to take the elevator numerous times a day. It has been a habit of mine to sing-my-heart out when alone in every elevator — come on, it’s got great acoustic, no one is around and you’re in your element. Unexpectedly, the elevator stopped on the 3rd Floor, I thought it was the ground floor so I made my way out — this gorgeous man walked into the elevator, I seriously had to hold my breath.

Since it was only the 3rd floor, I had to go back into the elevator.
This guy has the cutest smile. He started talking to me

“That was a very nice voice you have, It was vibrating through this metal door”

OH GOD! i have never been so embarrassed, but of course, I had to keep my cool and told him Thank you, that was a bit embarrassing — just when I thought I was alone

He said it’s all good, he was very impressed. It was very awkward standing there with him. We both exited the elevator on the ground floor — we were walking parallel to each other, then he starting talking again

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be creepy there” and I said it was all good, he shouldn’t worry about it.

He opened the door and held it for me. We exchanged smiles as I dramatically put my sunglasses on. ahahha! I should’ve asked his name.

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  1. haha what an adorable story. if you see him again you should definitely chat him up some more. i do the same thing though, singing in the most random places when you’re alone. although, i haven’t had any cuties catch me in the act yet. it’s a secret fantasy of mine to bust out on the transit buses with background music and choreography. it would be the singers version of a flash mob!

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