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I had a bit of a free time yesterday so I decided to cut one of my torn-and-almost ruined studded belt.. and stick it into my shirt’s collar.. the result, a very Prada inspired shirt, and ofcourse, the dress-up game wouldn’t be complete without the hair products, and loads of hairspray (sorry ozone layer)

DIY studded Shirt from mom’s closet, self-altered Trench coat from Forever21, Velvet cord jeans from Zara girls, shoes is thrifted

3 thoughts on “Studded Collar

  1. Funny that you’re adding studs to your shirt. Because in an interview you did with ImpactMagazine, when you were asked “What trends of 2010 will you be glad to see left behind as we enter 2011?”, one of the answers you gave was “studs”, yet here you are with a studded shirt. In the same interview, you were also asked what trends you foresee for the New Year, and you said “biker chic”, which is ironic because you just contradicted yourself, since biker and studs go hand in hand with each other.

    Sometimes I question your knowledge of fashion, it seems that you just say things without much thoughtor knowledge, and ultimately it’s just very amateur and mediocre.

  2. @Rachel, “glad to see left behind” didn’t really mean AVOID IT — but what can I do with a busted studded belt, it’s not me to just throw it away — and if you’re familiar with my blog, I’d definitely do something with it other than completely throwing it away. Biker-chic is (distressed) leather, buckles, metals, hardware — studs and spikes are just a minor part of the trend. and if anything, I don’t see what so wrong about contradicting myself (we all, at some point have contradicted ourselves), and fashion is a big contradiction itself; it sets rules only to be broken/forgotten/redone sooner rather than later.

    and just to clarify it, I don’t run a fashion blog — I’d like to say I have a personal-style-blog, I don’t go around bragging about my knowledge of fashion because I don’t think I’m superior in that alley at all, for me, style is personality and fashion is all about having fun, that’s what my blog is all about.

    I am learning everyday and will forever be an observer and an amateur to some, and might be an expert to many.

  3. @admin, That’s the thing – you don’t have style. What you have is unoriginal, uninspired and unattractive.

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