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With a very keen eye for detail, M’c Kenneth translates his eclectic taste through fashion. Possessing a creative mind and a classic style –this student blogger’s fashion sense cannot be aimlessly overlooked, but effortlessly adored. As we step into the New Year, Impact caught up with the “fashion misfit” to talk life, fashion, and the future. Take a look into Vancouver’s own muse – the ever chic – M’c Kenneth.

Name (full): M’c Kenneth Licon

Age: 21

Hometown: Vancouver

Occupation: Student/Part time Sales associate

Congratulations on the Cravats’ Award for Best Personality in men’s style! How did you get started blogging? How do you feel about your blogs popularity and award recognition?
It started as a personal journal and then I decided to focus on my love for menswear, I got great feedback from it so I continued… until it started getting more recognition and followers. I am very humbled and blessed to have the support I have right now. Gratitude goes to all my followers, readers, family and friends/mentors. Thank you all.

What are some of your favorite fashion blogs to rummage through?
I frequently check out,, vman, anotherman, and

Describe Vancouver’s fashion scene? (How does it differ from other cities: better, worse) What makes it unique? How does it inspire your personal style?
Vancouver is very diverse so the fashion scene varies from one place to another. Generally though, because of the fact that Vancouver is a very rainy city, the style is very laid back, relaxed, and comfortable so expect to see sweatshirts, hoodies and track suits a lot more often. I guess the diversity of the people in the city is what makes it special – different styles and culture colliding to create a fashion scene.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Zara, H&M, Holt Renfrew, GAP, Club Monaco, little thrift shop, vintage stores.

What are three fashion pieces that can never go out of style? (Like if today you were 21 and tomorrow you were 50, lol) What would you still be wearing?
Pocket Square, nice fitted blazer & crisp white shirt, oxford/wingtips.

If you could describe your style in three words what would it be?
Fun, classic, playful.

How has your fashion sense evolved over the last five years?
It has changed a lot and it has been evolving everyday. I am usually not afraid to try new things and experiment with fashion, that’s what the mirror in your bedroom is for…

What was the first fashion piece (accessory, garment) you created?
I don’t remember actually, it’s been way too long. I remember cutting garments and pillowcases when I was only 6. However, I have deconstructed a sweater (a la Rodarte), made a bandleader inspired t-shirt, I even made a Lanvin inspired t-shirt of my face.

In what ways do you believe fashion can be interpreted? (Politically, artistically, etc.)
Fashion has always been a means of expression, like any art form, fashion will always be there as a platform not only for ones aesthetic preferences but also ones beliefs and ideas. For instance my fashion sense has always been highly influenced by my disregard for norms and stereotypes.

People are inspired by various things – music, food, art, photography…What inspires you the most about fashion?
It’s the history of it, the evolution, the fact that I know 20 or 50 years from now, the new generation will be looking at our photos now and will use them for inspiration, much like how we are doing with the older generation—it’s that endless cycle of inspirations and creativity that keeps me going.

It’s New Years Eve, and the plan for the night is to head downtown with your closest friends; dinner, maybe a couple of holiday parties, maybe all of the above, what are you wearing?
Fur scarf, Etro Milano bow tie, silk-lapelled blazer, floral shirt, black skinny velvet cord jeans, and black wingtips.

2010, is now American history, what trends do you foresee for the New Year?
Biker chic, looser silhouette, more military, a lighter take on ‘band’ trends, more drop crotch pants.

What trends of 2010, will you be glad to see left behind as we enter 2011?
Studs, and punk, women’s skinny jeans on guys.

Fashion is expressive, beautiful, and inspiring but not always cheap. What advice do you give to fashionistas/fashionistos who want to be expressive and beautiful but are on a tight knit budget?
DIY, do it yourself. Shop at your parent’s closet (if you can fit into their clothes), invest in quality rather than quantity. Buy basic versatile pieces you can mix and match with your other clothes.

Gazing into your closet, what fashion piece of yours is your favorite?
Etro Milano bow tie/pocket square. (for its sentimental value; it was a gift from my mom and dad gift when I turned 19 – legal age in my city)

What collections are you anxiously waiting to see for spring 2011?
Ann Demeulemeester, Damir Doma, and Lanvin.

Amongst many things, (student, fashion enthusiast, blogger, stylist, artist, e.t.c.) what other title(s) would you like to add to your list in the near future?
* mentor
* inspiration

If you could glance into your future—10 years from now—where would you live, what would you be doing, what would you be wearing?
10 years from now I’d be 31… hopefully I’d be living somewhere in Europe, preferably in Milan, traveling and working, or maybe still studying. My style will probably quiet down a bit, but my love for colors, patterns, prints and classic dandy styling will forever remain.