Retro print shirt & the red door.

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Neutral color scheme were used but kept very interesting by retro print shirt and golden accents on the belt and watch. I didn’t have time to make a LookBook photoshoot of this look so I’m using this photo my friend took for me. I love how they all turned out but then it’s too dark to be a lookbook photo. I passed by this Red door with a very limited light source — I thought the color will go perfectly with my outfit (sea of neutral / aka gray, brown and black) so I stopped by and asked/forced my friend to snap few pictures for me.

Sunglasses from Fossils, Shirt from Zara Man, Belt (buckle from H&M bag), Shorts – pants altered into shorts, duffel bag from H&M, shoes from Zara woman.

3 thoughts on “Retro print shirt & the red door.

  1. Your friend did a great job with the photos. I actually like the dim lighting and red door contrast. Love the outfit, the retro print shirt with those shorts and the belt – v. chic.

  2. you remind me of so many people i’ve known……i love how you use this shirt in so many different ways.

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